Spring Daisy Quilt Pattern with Quilters Grid Interfacing


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This is a pattern and a 36 inch square piece of quilters grid interfacing.

To complete the quilt you need 8 x 12 inch square pieces of the interfacing and when you cut this piece into squares you will have 9 and so you have 1 for a different project or to practice with before you start.
Quilters grid interfacing is a game changer if you are struggling to match your points and corners. You cut your squares and carefully iron them on to the interfacing before sewing your seams and pressing them flat. All your points will match and your raw edges will be covered making your piece stronger.

The pattern for the rest of the quilt gives you all the measurements and templates you will need for the appliqued daisies on the alternate squares. Once you have completed the 16 blocks for the quilt there are 2 rounds of sashing to complete the front making the finished front of the quilt approximately 43″ square.

Happy Stitching

Beth x