A4 Notebook Cover Kit – Eat, Sleep, Sew, Repeat – Embroidered / Bluework- Blue and Peacock Swirl 100% Cotton


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This is a kit to make an A4 notebook cover with a cheeky embroidery cover great for keeping all you sewing and craft ideas together. Eat, sleep, sew, repeat is back stitched into a white panel and once the design is finished it is sewn onto the front of your notebook cover. Where you secure the cover of your book doubles up as pockets to store you separate pieces of paper and then the White and silver elastic is attached to form the closure keeping everything safe.
The kit includes – blue mottled and peacock greens swirled patterned main fabrics, plain for panel, wadding, embroidery floss, needle, silver elastic for closure and a plain white for inside, and templates. All you need to complete is a reel of thread.

I demonstrated this kit on Sewing Street 20th March 2022 available on YouTube if you wish to go back to watch and see how, I am also available via email if needed.
This kit does NOT come with a notebook. It is a kit to cover one of your notebooks or you can get one especially for it. If you are purchasing a new book for the cover, buy that first before you put the cover together so that you are sure it is going to fit.

Happy Stitching

Beth x