Pattern Weights Embroidered makes 8- Love Hearts on White with Pink Embroidery


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This is an embroidery kit to make eight pattern weights ideal for dressmaking but also very useful of tall sorts of things round the house.
These weights are embroidered on one side using pink embroidery floss and the other side has a love hearts on white patterned fabric it is just as the sweets “love hearts” with different cute words written in each heart. The filling does not come with the weights but you can get plastic bean pellets from most craft shops. I put some uncooked rice in mine and that is just as good. Anything like dried peas or lentils can be just as good but you must make sure you do not get them wet or the food will spoil and ruin your weights. I do this kit in a few other colourways pink flamingos and purple roses being two of them.

The kit includes – plain Ivory white for the fronts, wadding to give stability to the cotton whilst sewing, pink embroidery floss, love hearts on white patterned for the backs, and templates.

The kit has four designs and you have enough to make two of each – 8 weights

Happy Stitching

Beth x