Christmas Tree Patchwork Bunting or Decorations – approx 8″ tall each, makes at least 12 – Red, Cream & Gold


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This kit comes with all the fabrics you need to make at least 12 patchwork tree decorations. They can be hung on a ribbon as Christmas bunting or hung individually as trees round your home or on your tree, they can even be hung on the front of a card and given as a Christmas card where the recipient has a decoration on their card as an extra gift. A great fun activity that can be done on your own or why not get the children involved and get them making trees to give as gifts to grandparents, friends or teachers.

This kit comes with all the fabrics and calico you need to make the trees and at least 5 metres in total of ribbon (red and gold). You can add more embellishments if you wish and can use metallic threads to decorate the fronts of your trees. Why not get some sequins and add those to the fronts. Once you have your basic trees you can decorate as much as you wish. It comes with a selection of Christmas fabrics already but you could add some from your own stash to make them go that bit further so you can make even more. Using the calico as a base and then stitching and flipping strips of fabric on to build up the shape they are a great beginner sewing project if you are new to the craft.

All the fabrics are 100% cotton and the ribbons are a mixture of satin and metallic.

I am on Sewing Street the shopping channel demonstrating this project on Saturday 14th August 2021 and so if you get stuck you should be able to find the programme on You Tube to watch back or you could email me and I will be happy to help.

Happy Stitching
Beth x